Additional KYC related investor information required w.e.f. 26 June 2014 for fresh applications

With effect from June 26, 2014 certain investor information related to KYC would be required along with the application form.

KYC Information To Be Captured By AMC’s (for first time investors opening new folio)

Background: Details regarding Income Levels; Net Worth; Occupation & Politically Exposed Person Status (PEP Status) were previously captured by the KRAs in the standard KYC form. As of June 26, 2014, this information will no longer captured by them and will now be captured by individual AMC’s.

Impact: Effective June 26, 2014, for all first time investors opening a new folio, the same will need to be captured in an additional annexure to the application form.

Please note this will only impact “first time investors” who are opening a “New Folio”

Please make sure that annexure along with the application for all first time investors who are opening a new folio. The AMC reserves the right to reject application forms that are submitted without this information.

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