Earn up to 11.35% p.a. in AAA rated DHFL Swayamsidha Deposit

Swayamsidha: DHFL’s Fixed Deposit Scheme for Women,with high returns, safety and liquidity

DHFL has specially designed a fixed deposit scheme for Indian women. Named ‘Swayamsidha’, this fixed deposit scheme provides Indian women with a higher rate of interest, of 11.35% for a period of 18 months, along with a free insurance cover for Rs 1 lakh for every first depositor. In addition, Swayamsidha offers a high yield of upto 12.01%. An additional rate of 0.50% can be availed by privileged* women customers and senior citizens under the same scheme.

Rating: CARE AAA (FD) [Indicates Highest Quality by all Standards and Highest Investment Safety

Deposit period: 18 month

Interest Rate: up to 11.35% pa

Yield: up to 12.01%

Minimum deposit:  Rs 10,000/

Click  HERE to download the application form.


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